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Pelvic Pain

a common problem among women

If you have pain below your belly button and above your legs, it counts as pelvic pain. It can be caused by a lot of things, including: a digestive disorder, or a red flag that you need to go to the hospital. It may even be a harmless sign that you’re fertile.

Causes of Pelvic Pain can include:

  • Inflammation or direct irritation of nerves caused by injury, fibrosis, pressure, or intraperitoneal inflammation
  • Contractions or cramps of both smooth and skeletal muscles
  • Ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy that happens outside the uterus)
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (also called PID, an infection of the reproductive organs)
  • Twisted or ruptured ovarian cyst
  • Miscarriage or threatened miscarriage
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Appendicitis
  • Ruptured fallopian tube

More chronic pelvic pain may be caused by:

  • Menstrual cramps
  • Endometriosis
  • Uterine fibroids (abnormal growths on or in the uterine wall)
  • Scar tissue between the internal organs in the pelvic cavity
  • Endometrial polyps
  • Cancers of the reproductive tract

Pelvic pain is a common problem among women. Its nature and intensity may fluctuate, and its cause is often unclear. Tests may help determine its cause and a method of treatment. Make an appointment to see us to determine the best mode of treatment for you.



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