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What Happens at My First Medical Visit

Welcome to pregnancy!

Welcome to pregnancy! Your body is undergoing many changes, especially at the start. Fatigue, nausea, backaches and mood swings are all very common at this stage. These lessen or go away as your pregnancy progresses. Some slight vaginal spotting is usually normal at this stage. However, any heavy bleeding or cramping signals the need for further evaluation, so please contact your physician.

Ideally, your first visit should be between 6-8 weeks. At this initial pregnancy visit, we perform an ultrasound to make sure the pregnancy is normal and then you will see your doctor. Afterwards, every 2 - 4 weeks you will be scheduled for a visit.

What Happens at My First Medical Visit for Prenatal Care?

The first visit is designed to confirm your pregnancy and to determine your general health. In addition, the visit will give us clues to any risk factors that may affect your pregnancy. This appointment is typically be longer than future visits.

The purpose of the prenatal visit is to:

  • Determine your due date
  • Understand your health history
  • Explore the medical history of family members
  • Determine if you have any pregnancy risk factors based upon a number of factors age, health and / or personal and family history

Don't be afraid to ask questions!

Do not hesitate to ask us any question you have. We get lots of them and are happy to help!



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